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When you install frameless shower screens in your bathroom, they deliver a simple and sleek design in that area of your house which often seems to be overcrowded due to the seemingly limited space. For any bathroom remodels or renovations, this is a worthy option for all those who look forward to a modernized appearance. Frameless shower screens are usually seen popular spas and resorts, if you install it, your home’s washroom will also gain this high-end look. Such a shower screen is self-supported and hence you won’t need too many hardware to get the panels connected. The extremely sleek design makes the shower pretty easy to clean. The fixture option is even more hygienic as glass is a typically non-porous material which doesn’t support any kind of bacterial growth. Read on to know more on frameless shower screens.

What might be the cost of a frameless shower screen?

Generally, the cost of a frameless shower screen starts from $900 to $2800. The main factor which plays a role in determining its cost is its size and also how it has to be personalized to meet your needs. The kind of glass quality which you select will also set an impact on the cost. The frameless shower screens are made up of thicker glass than their framed counterparts. This clearly means that they require precise and special manufacturing and installation hardware. All this sets its price.

Different shower screen designs

There are various kinds of shower screen designs and the Euroglide Inline Frameless Shower screen is available with certain unique operating features which are combined with conventional styling. This had 2 stainless steel rollers which easily slide to permit entry. On the other hand, the Euroglide Corner Frameless shower screen offers the same entry process but it has got 3 panels and is designed in a manner which fits corner show spaces.

For a simple bathroom design, choosing a fixed panel frameless shower screen is a wise decision. This type doesn’t have hinges and will be attached to only a single side of your shower wall. If your bathtub and shower are combines, the best shower screen designs can be the Fix and Swing option as the style comes in with a static panel which is connected to the hinges.

In case you’re someone who’s planning to go for a bathroom renovation, you might take the decision of installing a corner hinged frameless shower screen which has 2 side panels that can be placed at the corner of your bathroom. You can order different sizes and also a screen for a double sized shower.

Before you purchase frameless shower screens for Sydney bathrooms, make sure you review its requirements for maintenance. It is needless to say that shower screens are exposed to shampoo, water and soap which lead to accumulation of debris and grime. They need to be cleaned daily and so you should buy one which has minimum maintenance. Get multiple quotes from multiple dealers before choosing the final one.

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