Bathroom vanities are an important part of your bathroom because they can either make your bathroom look glamorous or outdated, depending on what type you choose. You also need to see whether the vanity solves your purpose or not. Does it have enough storage? Is it the right size? — These are just a few things you should think about before buying. To make sure you pick the right vanity for your bathroom, here are things you need to consider before making your purchase.


Try to buy a vanity which does not require an overhaul of the plumbing in the bathroom, as it will cost you a good chunk of your bathroom budget. Even changing to a wall-mounted vanity will mean rerouting drains and pipes and will cost a good amount of money.


While choosing a spot for your vanity, be sure to choose a spot which doesn’t interfere with the bathroom traffic, block the shower door or the bathroom door swing. Also, the windows nearby should allow for wall cabinets and mirror above the vanity.


The material of the vanity should be able to resist the wet and humid environment of the bathroom. Wood veneers, thermofoil and laminates work well in bathrooms. The wood should be lacquered and sealed properly. Vanity tops should be durable too, and avoid those which can develop grout. You can get bathroom vanities from ABL in different materials and styles which would add the ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom.


The vanity’s style should complement the rest of the bathroom style. The different styles you can choose from are contemporary, which translates to clean and simple lines, and can match most bathroom styles. Modern style vanities are streamlined with sharp angles and bold shapes, which sets them apart from traditional vanities with ornate carvings and panel doors. Rustic vanities are more casual designs with detailed elements highlighting the raw materials’ natural beauty, such as stone, iron and wood.


The vanity’s storage will depend on which bathroom you would fix it in – for example, more storage would be required for the master bathroom, and maybe lesser for the guest or kids’ bathroom. Cabinets, shelves and drawers are some options of storage.

Bathroom vanities can completely transform the look your bathroom but be sure to choose a style which speaks to you as you’ll be seeing quite a bit of it every now and then!

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