Most people don’t think it’s possible, but you can soundproof your sash windows without losing what you love about them. Sash windows are such architectural relics and if you happen to have them in your property and you would like to soundproof them, then you don’t have to sacrifice their integrity. It is completely possible to have the noise reduction benefits you need without having to change your beloved windows. Currently, window technology and experienced window experts can offer you exactly what you need. You will retain the look, original character, and function of your windows, even if your building is heritage.

Retrofit is one of the best ways to get the acoustic benefits you need, while improving the quality of both the windows and the property. Sash windows were initially introduced in the late 17th century and today, you can still find them in most Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian homes. The word sash originated in French, with sash meaning frame, although a lot of people believe it originated from Dutch.

One of the best things about these windows, or what makes them look so desirable are the movable panels and the elegant functioning. Soundproofing sash windows will require more care than soundproofing regular windows would, for obvious reasons. Given the weight of the sash windows, it is not possible to use soundproofing methods such as secondary glazing. Installing second glass panes would disrupt the balance of the sash windows. On top of that, it would ruin the unique charm they give off.

Installing new double-glazed windows would not work either because it would ruin the existing sash design. You probably don’t want to lose the function and value of the timber frames that are a part of your sash windows.

The Solution

The industry has come up with technological solutions to this problem. As a matter of fact, soundproofing your sash windows is not only possible, but very affordable. Retrofit double-glazing works wonders. You don’t need to rip off the beautiful windows or replace them with new double glazed window, you can keep the structure. What your window expert will do is carefully prepare your current windows for retrofit, then install a double glazed unit.

Reweighing the Windows

The professional window experts will have the ability to convert your sash windows, even if they are the heritage model. They will reweight your windows, which will solve the problem of setting the initial sash window off balance. This means that your sash windows will still function well , even when they have the insulated glass installed during retrofit.


Noise pollution can do more damage than people realize, to their homes and to themselves. It could disturb your sleep and cause anxiety or even increase blood pressure. Everyone deserves to have some peace and quiet in their homes, and if you have sash windows, then you know soundproofing is very much possible. What you must do, is hire professional and experienced window experts who will not compromise the integrity of your beautiful designs.

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