If you are a home owner you are responsible for the efficient running of your heating system, but unfortunately you will probably encounter a plumbing problem at some point that needs immediate attention. The most important thing to do in a plumbing emergency is don’t panic. Take a deep breath, and consider your next steps so you can help fix the problem and minimise the risk of the issue getting out of hand and causing serious damage. Here are some of the steps you can take to get you safely out of an emergency plumbing situation.


Turn Off the Water

If your boiler or pipes are leaking or you think there may be a blockage somewhere, shut off the water supply. This will ensure that a small leak doesn’t turn into thousands of pounds of damage to your carpet. Once the water is shut off you have more time to consider what to do next.

Take a Look at the Problem

Once you are not faced with the sight of flowing water all over the floor, take a step back and assess the problem and the level of damage. It is a good idea to be able to describe the extent of the problem to the emergency plumber since this will help them to fix the problem more quickly.

Call a Plumber

Unless you absolutely know that the problem can be fixed by simply tightening a nut or adding a washer to a tap, you need to call a plumber. Don’t try to fix a problem yourself when you do not know the cause or how to get it done correctly. You will need to find a professional plumber that offers a 24-hour service if it is an emergency. Once you have found someone who will come out in your area on an emergency basis, check how much they charge and what their timescale is. You should also check that the plumber is registered and properly qualified to carry out work, particularly if you are dealing with a gas boiler. Unfortunately since people know that plumbing emergencies can be very stressful, some unqualified engineers try to make a profit out of others’ need. Make sure that the person you find is able to safely and efficiently fix the problem you have.

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