bedroom design

There are plenty of ways you can tinker with your bedroom’s décor to create something truly special but when it comes to designing a small bedroom, it can be a challenging affair. Here are some ideas on how you can design a small bedroom for more space while also imparting a warm, cosy feel it.

Play it up with colours

Always choose paints of lighter shades like pastels or whites as light colours bounce off more, creating an illusion of larger room. Dark colours tend to absorb more light making a small room appear smaller. Also, make sure to match the colour of the bedcovers and sheets with that of the walls. This will not only reflect more light around but also make the room more welcoming.

Create a cosy canopy

Bed is the central focus of a bedroom and four poster beds have been in use since time immemorial. It not only adds a touch of luxury to the room but also has many added advantages. For instance, it makes the interior more complete and comes in almost all kind of shapes, sizes and colours to complement the overall décor of the room. Plus, it also makes the sleeping area warmer and more comfortable.

Improve on the storage

Save space on storage by using built-in cabinets and more of chest drawers. More storage space means your bedroom will look less cluttered and hence, more spacious. Using beds with built-in storage spaces are great options for small bedrooms.

Waste no wall

For small bedrooms, make the best use of the wall space by fitting floating shelves and hangers, etc. The shelves are capable of holding more books and magazines than you expected. The hangers can be used to creatively decorate the scarves and accessories. Plus, the hangers can also be used to keep the clothes off the floor. You may also use mountable rods to hang baskets, etc. to store more articles than to totally rely on table tops.

Incorporate mirrors in the décor

Mirrors are yet another great ways to create illusion of a bigger room. Instead of using one large mirror, invest on several decorative smaller ones. Arrange them on the walls in the manner that they are able to reflect more light. This not only makes the room appear larger but also acts as decorative accent pieces for your bedroom.

Give these tips a try and you can easily give your small bedroom an interesting facelift.

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