flooringChoosing the right flooring for you home is about so much more than just how it looks. While aesthetics will play a huge part in the floor you end up with, so too should the material and installation technique. With that in mind, here is a helpful list of things to consider when shopping for your perfect new floor.

What Type of Room Are You Installing the Floor in?

Bathrooms, kitchens and basements would ideally need concrete, ceramic, porcelain tile or vinyl flooring. Its important to never lay a solid wood floor in a room with higher moisture levels. Since wood is a natural product it reacts to changes in temperature and moisture. Laying a solid wood floor in a room like a bathroom would cause the planks to swell, warp or split. This is why its always recommended to use a vinyl floor in these rooms if you’re after that stunning wood look. If you’re worried that a vinyl floor won’t look like the real thing, then worry no more. With advancements in production, luxury vinyl tiles replicate the look of real wood and have the handy tile installation method. This means that if one tile were to become damaged, just simply remove that tile and replace it with a new one. Vinyl is totally waterproof and won’t react to changes in the environment since it is entirely artificial.


Do You Have Children, Pets or Any Other Need For a More Durable Floor? 

Wear resistance should be at the top of the list for requirements, especially for high traffic areas. Some flooring types that appear to be wear resistance are in fact, not. Hardwood flooring can easily be scratched, but it can also be sanded down. Durable types like porcelain tiles, laminate or vinyl flooring are your best bets for durability.

Do You Intend to Install the Flooring Yourself? 

By doing this, you can almost cut your flooring costs in half. Laminate and plank vinyl flooring are where you should be looking. Both of these types are floating floors, which means that no additional joining materials, like glue and nails, are needed to safely secure the floor.  This makes DIY installation easy so is a great option for avid DIY fans. Similarly, look for floors that use the clicks system. This is a technique that allows the planks to simply click in to place, much like a jigsaw.

Do You Want a Floor That is Low Maintenance? 

Vinyl flooring is very resilient and so just requires a regular, low-key cleaning routine. Laminate flooring is a close second, but does sometimes needs some specific cleaning products. Generally speaking though, laminate floors are fine to be cleaned with warm soapy water and a damp mop. With hardwood flooring however, the extra beauty does mean some extra TLC. You can put some stylish rugs down to help protect your hardwood flooring but it would still require special maintenance. Whether this be re-oiling or finishing, long-term, solid wood floors do need a little bit of extra maintenance.

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