There’s a lot to think about and look forward to when it comes to preparing for the imminent arrival of a new baby. The nursery is one of the things that both excites and worries us. We all want our baby’s room to be perfect before he or she arrives. We spend hours scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, read all the latest articles on baby sleep and nursery trends, and look forward to getting started.

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Decorating the nursery for many is what makes everything seem more real and there is something incredibly special about walking into your baby’s future nursery for the first time. However, if you live in a smaller home, the idea of adding a nursery can make you anxious. How will it fit? Where will you put it? Will there be room for everything your baby needs? But, if you can’t afford or don’t want to move, you’ve got no choice. Fortunately, there are some fantastic ways to include a nursery in even the smallest of homes. Here are some tips to help you.

Don’t Rush

Remember, your baby isn’t going to use their nursery for a while after they are born. So, there is no need to rush. The current safe sleep guidelines state that children should sleep in their parent’s room for the first six months of their life. And, even when they do move into the nursery, they won’t be aware of what it looks like for a few more months. So, take your time.


Remodeling and decorating can be very expensive. With a new baby on the way, you are going to have a lot to buy and save for. So, make sure you set yourself a realistic budget for any work you do and stick to it. Money worries are the last thing you need right now.

Add a Room

Do you have anywhere you could add space or a room you could convert? If you have a second bathroom or an en-suite toilet, it could easily be turned into a small nursery. Even walk in wardrobes or storage rooms and cupboards can be converted. Check out home remodeling Minneapolis services for help and guidance.

Think About What You Need

All the baby will ever need to do in the nursery is sleep. So, all that really needs to be in there is a cot and storage for clothes. While people can spend a lot of money on nursing chairs and changing tables, most of them end up doing these things in other rooms anyway.

Make it Look Bigger

When working with smaller spaces it is important to try and make them appear larger than they are. Some ideas to help you do this include:

  • Under cot storage
  • Wall mounted shelves
  • Over door hooks
  • Light walls
  • Large windows
  • Light carpets or flooring

Decorating the nursery should be an exceptionally exciting time. So, instead of worrying about space, focus on making the most of what you have got. Then, enjoy yourself, experiment with ideas, and have some fun preparing for your new addition.

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