Moving houses can be a really tedious and challenging process – especially if you don’t organize yourself well. In general, this shouldn’t be done in one go only a couple of days before you have to move out as it will stress you out immensely. Therefore, the best option is to set the official date for the moving day, and then schedule your tasks starting with two months in advance.

Your moving checklist

Two months before

For starters, go through all of your possessions. This is the best way to see and visualize what you should keep and what things need to be donated or discarded. It’s pretty unbelievable just how many useless stuff we can hoard over the years. Therefore, don’t leave this task for later. If you start purging on time, the packing and moving process will be easier. It would also be smart to create a binder with notes on every item under specific categories which you want to move to your new place. Also, start your research when it comes to hiring the best moving company for your particular needs.

One month before

A month before the moving date, you should use all your research data and actually hire the moving company of your choice. What’s more, you always have the possibility to go with the affordable truck rentals in case you want to take the matter into your own hands. Once this is settled, it’s time to start packing and labeling. The first things you should pack are obviously the ones that you don’t need to use frequently in your daily life. Separate valuable items, and don’t forget to label your boxes as this will make the unpacking process a million times simpler and quicker. Finally, this is the period when you should start notifying legal offices, services and other important parties about your change of address.

Two weeks before

Two weeks prior to the moving day, you should still be packing your items gradually, labeling the boxes and checking the list in your binder. What’s more, if you’re moving far away from your old place so that you’ll have to change banks as well, now is the time to contact the bank in order to get the contents of your safe-deposit box. Also, if you’re hiring trucks or moving companies, don’t forget to give them a call just to confirm the agreement for the said date. Finally, if the moving day is a weekday, it’s important that you notify your superior at work and let them know that you’ll have to take that day off.

One week before

This is the time when you’ll need to think about more personal aspects of your moving. If you’re on some medication, it’s important to refill your prescriptions or simply prepare your meds box for the upcoming chaos. Also, you have to start packing your clothes and other items that you actually use often. Essentially, it would be best to plan out your outfits for the whole week and pack other essentials such as toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, skin care, etc. in a separate carry-on bag so that you can pack up the rest of your items, and easily deal with what’s left afterwards.

A couple of days before

When there are just a few days left before the moving day, remember to recheck everything, go over your packed boxes and labels and generally conduct a thorough checkup of the whole house to see if there’s anything you may have forgotten about. Plan the payment for the moving company or truck rental if you haven’t dealt with that already as well. You may want to defrost the freezer, too, especially if you’re bringing it with you to the new home.

Moving day

Things should be pretty simple on this day if you managed to stick to the schedule. Just remember to calmly and thoroughly check all of your inventory that goes into the moving vehicle, and keep the copy of the bill list.

In the end, moving is never going to be easy, but it can be quick, with less need for stress if you just take things gradually and start organizing everything at least two months in advance. What’s more, you can always call someone close to help you with the packing and unpacking so that you don’t have to do all that on your own.

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