Building a swimming pool either for your family or your business is an important decision that takes time.  There is a lot of money involved, and this means the person doing the job must do excellent work. If you get a swimming pool contractor who is irresponsible, unethical, and incompetent, all your planning and investment can go out through the window.

Never settle on a builder without interviewing at least three to five builders to get their estimates. In an industry where each contractor is labeling themselves as a professional, you need to be careful about who you hire. The following are some key pointers to help you in finding the right pool builders in Colorado.


There is nothing that will give you peace of mind better than working with a contractor who has previously worked with a friend or neighbor. Recommendations are more than just word of mouth marketing and include experience other clients have had with the contractors. Pool owners are much more willing to talk about the contractors they have worked with either good or bad, and this can give you an opportunity from where to start your evaluation. There are also other avenues for recommendations in Colorado such as consumer websites and forums. Look for the legitimate ones.

Go through the Reference List

A contractor must not shy away from giving you a list of the people he has worked with before. The higher the number of happy customers a pool builder can point to, the higher the chances that those customers are not staged, or cherry picked.

Among the references you have, pick out a few at random and call. Together with the review of the references, ask the customers when the contractor performed work for them, the type of pool he installed, whether he completes work on time, and any surprises they witnessed.

Conduct a Thorough Background Check

It is not enough to peg your hopes on a reference list or believe every recommendation you receive. Do your own background check on a pool building contractor. Taking your investigation to another level by checking reliable places such as Better Business Bureau and other contractor rating sites.  You can tell if there are any complaints which have been filed against the contractor.

Check the Certifications

No one wants to deal with a contractor who has just learned the job through an apprenticeship. This is because such contractors may not know the technicalities involved in working in different conditions other than those in which they were apprenticed in. With professional, fully certified contractors such as Pool & Spa Experts, you can have the surety that your project is in the right hands. Look for certifications that are given to individuals and not companies.

Visit the Pool Store

Not every word a pool contractor tells you is to be believed. The best way to get your proof is to visit the showroom or office of the company. Look at the employees and assess whether they are knowledgeable, and have the right attitude, or work ethic. If they are not of the correct emotional fit, you may decide to opt for another contractor.

Ensure you read everything your contractor gives you and check whether they are insured both for reliability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

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