Keep bathroom cleaning under ideal conditions is not that hard.

Actually we do not need more than five minutes to get it clean, shiny and with a wonderful smell. Depending on the number of people living in the house must be cleaned the bathroom with varying frequency. For a normal family is best cleaned every day, if only one or two person cleaning can be spaced every two or three days live.


This routine kept clean as often as you have suggested will have the bathroom always in perfect condition. So provide for yourselves Alka-Seltzer effervescent antacid or other disinfectants, glass cleaner wipes, a microfiber cloth and a brush and cleaning lanzaos the rumpus.

Minute 1: Take two tablets of Alka-Seltzer effervescent antacid or in the toilet and let it act. This traditional pharmaceutical form used to combat heartburn for many years you can help keep your toilet odor clean, fresh and free.


Removes dirty towels and leave them for now in a corner. Collect items that are usually left in any way, anywhere, combs, brushes and more. Take the opportunity to throw the soap scum and empty containers.

Minute 2: Wet the microfiber cloth and put it on a broom, she cleaned the cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and the door frame. Rinse and wring. With a disinfectant wipe reviews the light switch and soap.

Minute 3: Spray cleaner on the mirror and clean them with a cloth. Also reviews the surface of the sink cabinet. With a disinfectant wipe clean all surfaces that usually we play with our hands, tap, knob or door handle and more.

Minute 4: Take another towel and clean the toilet tank and command. Following is the top and the other part of the toilet uses for it all the wipes you see fit. Brush the inside of the toilet brush and flush the toilet.

Minute 5: Place clean towels and passes a disinfectant wipe the corners. Drag and drop to the floor out and empty the trash. You will have your room spotless bathroom in just five minutes.

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