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If you are planning to invest in a new fireplace for your home this article is just what you need. Here we quickly go over what you need to do to choose the right type and size of surround for your property.

Check your chimney

Before spending money on an open fireplace, you need check the condition of your chimney, first. You have to ensure that it is in good working condition. If it is not it will not be safe for you to use your new fireplace, in which case you may prefer to heat your room in a different way.

The right size fireplace

One of the biggest mistakes people make is having a fireplace built that is too big or too small for their chimney. If you do this, the fire will not draw properly. This means that you run the risk of it going out frequently, being smoky or burning too quickly.

For square or rectangular chimneys, the opening cannot be more than eight times the area of the flue. If you have a round metal flue, the opening has to be ten times, or less, than the area of the liner.

The right style of fireplace

Another important consideration is what style of fireplace you opt for. When making your choice bear in mind that it will be a permanent feature of your room. You need to choose one that will work well no matter how you choose to change the decor of your room.

If you are lucky enough to own a period home, antique fireplaces are normally the best option. Choosing one from the same era as your property is by far the easiest way to end up with a fireplace that matches the style of your home.

For The Feng Shui Lovers
The right place of fireplace:  If you are looking for a right spot to place fireplace. Place it according to the FENG SHUI. As Fire is the most powerful element out of two Tough and Uncontrollable elements it can be only placed in some certain direction. Fire is the south element and hence the fireplace is to be placed towards the south side or south wall.
Never place a fireplace in the centre of your home. As fire is the element of nature placing it at the centre of the home can create a negative “chi” or even create problems for the family specially for the younger once. Placing the fireplace at right location can exhilarate wealth and a strong bond between the family and friends.
Tip: Place a mirror above the fireplace as it will reinforce your positive chi and hinders the negativity.

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