Spring ushers in warmer weather, blooming flowers, and buzzing insects. This is many people’s favorite time of year and there really isn’t any question as to why. After being cooped up indoors all winter and having to bundle up prior to heading out the front door, nothing is more refreshing than opening the windows to let the sunshine and fresh air into your home. Spring is also the time people think about air conditioning. Here are some top trends projected for 2018 in the HVAC industry.

1. Technicians Are Smart and Friendly

Consumers can relax as an emphasis on being friendly is hitting the HVAC industry by storm. No more will you need to worry about a grumpy technician arriving at your door and rattling off his proposed work in a language you swear is Swahili. Today’s HVAC technician knows his (or her) stuff, but also presents that knowledge in language that is easy to understand. This has become important to consumers, as making major purchasing or maintenance/repair decisions should be done armed with knowledge. You should understand everything the technician proposes to do, and you should be well informed that purchasing a new HVAC unit is your best solution and the reasons why if this is truly the case.

2. Energy Savings Is Key in Homes and Businesses

If the latter holds true in your situation, and the HVAC tech explains fully why he or she cannot repair your unit, the most popular hvac trends for 2018 include an emphasis on energy savings in the home and in the office. Look at more than just the bottom line when selecting a new HVAC system. Look also for energy-saving models that are the perfect size for your home. You do not want to purchase more power than you need, as this will cost you more to run the unit. You do not want to purchase less than you need, either. The harder the unit must work to keep your home cool, the higher your energy and maintenance bills. Discuss with the contractor the best cost-saving unit for your home.

3. Consumers Research Their Home Contractors

Finally, some basic research prior to calling for a technician will help ensure the first two trends on this list. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and jot down the names of the HVAC contractors who work in your neighborhood, then research them online. Consumers research everything online today, including their service and product purchases. Make certain the HVAC tech is bonded, insured, and licensed properly by running his or her license number through your state’s licensing authority. Also, check out customer testimonials and online reviews. Finally, research HVAC issues as well, so you’re prepared to talk with your contractor in a knowledgeable fashion. Do your homework.

These trends are just three of many trends that are affecting the HVAC industry and other consumer markets. Although these are specific to 2018, they should be expected to head well into 2019 and beyond. Make certain your contractor is friendly, knowledgeable, and licensed properly. Then, make certain the solutions to your needs fit within your budget and comfort zone.

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