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Help to Buy has been getting a bit of attention lately in Ireland since certain parties want changes to this scheme. But the latest news is that the grant scheme will continue ahead, with minimal changes, despite this challenge. It is not the easiest system to navigate, however, and it can be daunting for first-time buyers. How do you finance a new home with Help to Buy?


In order to be eligible for the Help to Buy scheme you need to be a first time buyer. The scheme is designed to help you finance the deposit you need in order to buy your new home. You will receive a refund of income tax, which you will have paid over the last four years. You can buy a new house or apartment, or you can build a new property. You must also live in the house and it will be your main residence. Also, the contractor that sells you the home must be approved and on the list of approved contractors.

Registration and Approval

You need to register for the scheme if you want to take part in Help to Buy. The Revenue Online Website is the place to go to register for Help to Buy. Here you’ll find information as well as the forms you need to fill in to create an account and fill out the paperwork needed in order to be considered for the scheme. If your application is approved you will then be given a unique set of access codes and you will also find out the maximum amount of money you are entitled to. Next you will complete a mortgage application and you will be sure of the money you’ll receive from the scheme, and then you can start to pick your new home.


You can claim the lesser of either €20,000 or five percent of the house’s purchase price, or the amount of income tax you have paid during the previous four years. The maximum amount is €20,000 for the new homes for sale mornington provides, or elsewhere across the country. You will get the refund paid to your contractor. When you know how much you are getting you can enter into a mortgage agreement and you will know which budget to search in when you are looking for your ideal home.

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