The bar counter is often associated with a large kitchen where one can afford certain luxuries without cluttering the space.

However a narrow bar and proportionate to the size of the kitchen no longer a practical element as well as aesthetic. The most important thing here is not limited to the standard options and let your imagination run wild and try to implement the boldest ideas.


Maybe in the beginning is difficult to decide the size that should be our bar. Although bar bars usually have a height between 110-120 cm versions for home are usually considerably lower especially if kitchen is small in size, with about 90 cm not be enough to create an environment too overwhelming. So with stools of about 65 cm will be enough to be comfortable at our kitchen bar.

We must also have the legroom, and the counter must have enough overhang to place your legs and be comfortable sitting at our bar.


The layout of the bar is also important and should be removed or not blocking the way in the so-called work triangle consisting of the kitchen, the fridge and the sink.

Although we install our bar counter in a kitchen and we made it possible to follow the aesthetics and style of it. It should feel like a harmonica piece that does not stand out too much from the rest of the kitchen.

This does not prevent us to try to create a different atmosphere in the bar area, a more intimate and special atmosphere. Which can be easily achieved with warmer than the rest of the kitchen lighting.

And not have to be an exclusive space, a multipurpose area will also serve as bar by time of day or the tasks that we are doing.

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