There are two ways in which you can save money, the first is with a prudent savings plan that sees you put away a certain percentage of your wages each month, this will serve you well in the future and whenever an emergency should arrive. The second way that you can save money is simply by spending less each month, putting more money in your pocket for more important purchases. Today we are going to look at the latter method of saving money and give you some great tips on how you can penny punch in your daily life to give you more spending money for other things.

Energy Bills

Let’s start with something that can save you quite a bit of money every month and all you have to do is make a simple phone call. When it comes to your energy bills, many just stay with the provider that they have always had when in fact you could be making huge savings if you switch providers. When it comes to your electricity bill, more and more people are now going solar, putting panels on the roof to effectively create their own energy from solar rays. One of the leading companies’ customers make an average saving of 20% on their annual electricity bills, check out the Sunnova reviews to see what else the happy clients have to say and join the revolution.

The 10 Second Rule

I once though this was a bit of a myth but it really works, the 10 second rule is basically stopping for 10 seconds once you’ve picked something up that you want to buy. During these 10 seconds, consider whether you really need the product or whether you can really afford the product, you’ll be amazed at just how many things that you put back on the shelf.


Using coupons is one of the best and easiest ways to save money on your purchases, you can collect coupons from magazines or head online to use awesome websites like Groupon that offer huge discounts. The places where you can save money ranges from supermarkets to save on your weekly shop to great gift ideas and days out, sometimes the savings can be as high as 70% and it will cost you nothing to get involved.

Make Gifts Don’t Buy

When the time comes for Christmas gifts or birthday presents you should start making personalized gifts instead of buying them from a shop. Doing this not only saves you money but will give your friends or loved ones a well thought out and personal present.


It can be very easy to simply call up a tradesman or handyman when you need little jobs around the house done but very often you can do these yourself and save the money. There are hundreds of do it yourself videos available online to help you out and all you will need is a little bit of free time and some concentration.

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