Adding roof windows can immediately transform your room into brighter ones which are less dependent on artificial lighting. While they can be the best things possible for loft conversions, they can even be used to illuminate your dark rooms and corridors in your home. It is only when you choose the right window that you can create maximum natural light sources and the highest space in the smaller rooms. Rooflights are also called roof windows and they give you the opportunity to let daylight to pass into your room. Rooflights are perfect for the loft areas, barns or conversions of protected buildings, vaulted sloping ceilings, where new openings in the walls aren’t allowed.

When should you opt for rooflights?

The best way of introducing natural light into darker areas of your room is by installing rooflights. Places where conventional windows won’t be installed are the best places to add rooflights. However, there are also other situations where you won’t be given any other choice, where there are strict construction laws which don’t allow the addition of new openings. For the low-profile rooms, you can install a conservation rooflight as they’re specially designed with a pretty low profile.

Steel conservation rooflights are especially designed to replicate some original Victorian models, the exact period during which they were introduced. Rooflights have become a necessity in lots of houses which are listed in Conservation Areas.

Some design options for skylights

Check out some design options for skylights or roof windows.

  • Roof lanterns: One more option which can be fitted to the roof of a flat or through the pitched roof is a ridelight or a roof lantern. This is almost similar to a small conservatory structure, these frames are made of powdercoated steel, timber but metal-reinforced PVC is even available in the market.
  • Electronic control: Where you are not able to reach out to a rooflight and open it manually, you can even choose to control it automatically. There are in fact many manufacturers who have constructed units for their windows. Such skylights usually use a sensor to close down the window when it starts raining.
  • Flat roof options: There are more than one rooflight choices for a flat roof, ranging from pyramids, domes, arches to straightaway flat rooflights. All such units can combine the opening elements, either sliding or hinged. For adding the contemporary look, you will also get some frameless options where the frame if obscured so that only the glazing is visible.
  • Conservation rooflights: These are the original 19th century rooflight frames which were made from cast iron and are single-glazed. The current version is energy-efficient with a broken steel frame

Choosing the right finishing and the right glazing

Top hung roof windows and centre pivot are generally available in 2 finishes, lacquered pine and polyurethane. For the ideal choice for low maintenance, white polyurethane is the best one because this finishing is moisture resistant and doesn’t have any visible joints. They can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. For more conventional looks, you may try lacquered pine windows.

So, if you’re not pretty sure about the different ways in which you can use skylights to illuminate your home, you can take into account the facts and tips mentioned above.

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