6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Patio Area

Patios are great places to enjoy the outdoors and have fun with your family or friends. Although this may be true, few of us consider redesigning or face lifting this outdoor space. As a result, most patios are boring and drab places during the day, and dark and forbidding at night. It does not have to be so. With a few additions and repairs, you can transform this part of the house into your favourite spot. If you do not believe it, take a look at these easy ways to improve your patio area.

 Patio Area

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1) Give Your Furniture a New Look

The elements and prolonged use eventually take their toll on patio furniture, and it gets old and worn out after a while. While some people learn to live with it as it is, others could not care less. What they do not realize is that furniture contributes greatly to a patio area’s atmosphere.

In short, drab furniture means a drab patio. If you are one such person, it is time to spruce up your furniture with a well-deserved facelift. All your need are a few power tools from Mikita (read more about Mikita here), some spray paint, and a lot of elbow grease. After a few repairs, your patio will look as good as new.

2) Use Colourful Fabrics

Once you are through repairing your furniture, brighten it up with colourful fabrics. One great way of doing this is by using cushions, pillows and ottomans in bright patterns and bold colours. They not only make your patio more visually appealing, but also act as extra seating when you have company. Just lay them on the floor or grass.

Another way of adding a dash of colour to your patio is by using bright patio umbrellas or rugs. Depending on how beautiful it is, the umbrella can even act as the patio’s centrepiece.

3) Add Some Greenery

Since the patio is already in contact with nature, you can enhance this natural theme by adding some greenery to it. Do this by grouping flowerpots of different shapes and sizes in and around the patio. They should have plants of various textures, flowers, and leaf sizes.

In addition to flower pots, plant some shade plants such as caladiums. They keep the hot rays of the sun away during the summer months, and transform your outdoor area into a cool oasis. If possible, also have a canopy of plants over part of the patio.

4) Install a Water Feature

Colour and greenery are not enough to give your patio that extra punch; you also need a water feature if you can afford one. The sound of flowing water has a soothing effect on people. During the summer months, a fountain cools the area around it. Finally, a water feature acts as a centrepiece.

5) Add Colourful Lighting

If you spend your evenings outdoors, consider installing colourful lighting around the patio. Light not only illuminates dark corners but also changes the ambience of a space. Start by installing feature lighting to illuminate potted plant and water features. Next, use groups of colourful lanterns over seating areas. However, if you are energy conscious, use solar lamps or energy-saving bulbs.

6) Add a Fire Pit

An evening spent outdoors is incomplete without a fire to gather around. Your family and guests will love it if you buy or install your own fire pit. Only make sure to research your local fire code first.


Transforming your patio into the space you have always wanted it to be is not as difficult as it seems. Start by giving your furniture a face lift. Repair broken seats, tables, umbrellas, and then repaint them. Next, throw in some colourful cushions, pillows and ottomans to brighten the furniture as well as the patio. Next, add some potted plants for beauty and shade around the patio. Finally, install a water feature, colourful lighting, and a fire pit as centrepieces.

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