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If you’re doing a remodeling project that involves your kitchen, there’s a significant purchase you’re going to have to make in most instances, and that’s the appliances. If you do a full renovation on your kitchen and make it the space of your dreams, it’s unlikely you want to keep your old, outdated appliances. One of the first signs of a high-end kitchen is the quality of the appliances, but not everyone wants to pay the high fees that come with having the very best in appliances.

So how can you get appliances that look great and function the way you want them to, without breaking your budget?

Go Through Builder Supply Companies

You may not realize it, but builders and home renovation professionals tend to get pretty steep discounts on the price of most of the materials they use, including appliances. If you don’t have a builder supply store located near you, you can also shop online to find many of the same discounts contractors receive. If you shop on a reputable builder supply website, you can often find top-of-the-line appliance brands including Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Maytag, at a lower price than you would find at a big box retailer.

Take the Imperfections

If you’re willing to buy appliances with some dings or scratches you can get excellent deals. Retailers can’t sell these items for full-price, but what you’ll often notice is that even if an appliance has some damage, it’s not noticeable. It may even be located on an area of the appliance that you can’t see, such as the side that might be obscured by cabinets. Don’t be immediately turned off by the scratch and dent section of an appliance retailer, as long as there are no problems with the functionality of the item.

Choose Standard Functionality

What you’ll find with a lot of the newest appliances is that they may offer features that you really don’t need. If you can do without all of these bells and whistles, you can still get leading brand appliances, and they’re usually going to be much less expensive than the fanciest models. Try to think about the features you’re actually going to use, versus just going for everything.

Think About Shipping and Delivery

If you’re buying appliances, particularly online but even in brick-and-mortar retailers, shipping and delivery costs can add up very quickly, and can add quite a bit onto your final bill. If you’re buying in the store, try to negotiate on the cost of shipping and delivery, which is something many retailers and salespeople are willing to be flexible on. If you’re buying online, shop stores that offer this, or wait until they’re having a special deal or sale where this is offered. You can put the costs of shipping and delivery toward buying a more high-end product instead.

Don’t Go For Custom Sizing

Appliances that are oversized or are a custom size are not only more expensive in the short-term, but adding these to your kitchen remodel can actually make it harder to sell your home in the future. As a final note, rather than trying to go with the bigger is better motto with your appliances, save money and improve your resale value with standard sizes.

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