12 Ingenious DIY Hacks to Enhance your Living Space

living space

Whether you’re renting a home or own a property, it is important to enhance your dwelling to make it as personal as possible, creating a living space you can be proud of. There are multiple methods for home improvements which can be implemented to create a dream environment you can call your own.

DIY home improvements have become increasingly popular, and with the myriad of information available online, there is a window of opportunity to apply various techniques to enhance the capabilities of your home, and since you’re likely to spend a lot of time indoors, this is highly recommended.

To discover DIY hacks to enhance your home, you’re often required to do extensive research to discover multiple options, but this article has collated tips you can incorporate to save the hassle of searching online, with the intention of informing people on ways they can improve their lives.

Whether you’re looking for unique, stylish, or quirky hacks, there is something for everyone below, helping users create a beautiful space to be enjoyed by all, with quick fixes and creative solutions to various problems.

1 If you’re sick and tired of carpets collecting stains and becoming easily worn, you can install hard flooring, such as wood floor nyc, which is significantly easier to manage, and will remain in its original condition if taken care of accordingly.

2 After painting a room, cutting up an onion and placing it in the room is a great way to neutralize paint fumes, meaning you won’t have to wait days to get rid of the smell.

3 To remove grease stains from your carpet, apply corn flour to the affected area and let it get to work for 15-20 minutes. The flour can then be hoovered up before wiping the area clean with a damp cloth. The process should be repeated until the stains have been eradicated.

4 Wires can be incredibly untidy when bunched together around an electronic device, and the issue often forces users to buy a wire tidy kit. Though this is a viable option, to save money you can use a kitchen roll tube instead, which can be implemented by threading the wires through the tube, creating a neat space in a matter of seconds.

5 Trying to clean a dirty vase with a narrow neck can be difficult, but there is an ingenious solution which involves using an Alka-Seltzer tablet. By leaving this in the vase for a few minutes before shaking and rinsing, your vase will be as new in no time.

6 By hinging a painting over thermostat covers, you can kill two birds with one stone by covering unsightly thermostats, while placing a pretty picture in your home for aesthetic viewing pleasure.

7 A wine rack has multiple users, and if you don’t have a towel rack in your bathroom, wine racks can help you significantly. These can be utilized to create a stylish, space-saving towel holder, without taking up the same amount of space a cupboard or chest of draws would.

8 Once you have finished painting your room why not put the remaining paint in a jar instead of throwing it away? This way you can keep a reserve supply which will come in handy next time you paint.

9 Ice cubes are a surprisingly fantastic method for resolving the issue of indented carpets. If you are left with marks on your carpet from where heavy items have been situated, a perfect solution is to place ice cubes on the affected area, and simply watching the indents disappear.

10 If you’re sick and tired of losing nails when you’re trying to build something, utilizing magnets is a great way to ensure you never lose a nail again. By attaching a magnet to the bottom of your hammer, you’ll keep hold of those essential nails and have peace of mind while working.

11 It is easy to confuse your door keys, especially when they are all hanging up together on a key rack. To differentiate your keys, painting specific keys with nail varnish will allow you to spot the difference, and even provides scope for you to get creative!

12 When charging your mobile phone, you can convert a Johnson’s Baby product bottle into a phone holder, a simple yet effective method of preventing your phone from lying on the floor while charging.

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